Small Children

5/9 — Watching Bates Motel has definitely been affecting my dreams.. from the point at which I remember, I was on an 18th century ship at sea during a tumultuous storm. The sea was almost black and the sky a dark grey/blue. I watched from a distance at the ship I knew I was in being thrown about amongst 50 foot waves. 

I was still alive but my mother and sister had died, and I had to preserve their bodies. 


5/4 — James and Sayo decided that they were moving to Colorado, which inspired me to take a trip to see them along with Mekayla and Justin to decide if I wanted to move there too. Upon making this decision, my whole extended family began planning their trip out alongside of me. We all took a train together. It slowly drove through the streets of Philadelphia on a track that was only several feet above the ground. Soon, the train began to lift off the ground as it became a plane..

Later, I leave my house to go into my neighbor's house, where some of my family is staying, for something that I had forgotten. I assumed that no one but the four dogs (who were following me around) were home. Since I and my family were all about to leave Colorado soon, I didn't want all of the food that Mekayla's mom had her buy for everyone to go to waste. So, I am just stuffing my face in front of the fridge (with cannoli's!). I'm eating one of these cannoli's over the trashcan when the tiniest dog (teacup chihuahua ish) pops up, from almost nowhere, in the trashcan. I realize then that someone is home and I quickly need to leave. I'm almost naked, except for a button down shirt. I try to find a good way to sneak out, but there are movers collecting all of the tons of furniture and debris left on the front lawn by our in-between (lots) neighbor. I am still in the kitchen, hiding. I can see one boys through the open archways of the empty room with beige linoleum floors between the kitchen and living room. His older, pre-teen brother is heading towards the kitchen. Both of them have a sort of dull blonde hair, greyish quality to their skin, and dull, listless eyes.. 

I think the anxiety of this situation propelled me to another area within the dream. I'm now on the other side of the home that I had been staying in 2 lots down, and I am facing an pale yellow, old colonial home with a vast, beautifully kept yard full of hedges. In front of me also is a woman and her small son both dressed in light colored and light weight clothing from an earlier era standing on a chalky, yellow dirt path that winds around the estate. They are looking in my direction but can't see me. A carriage with her husband rolls up to take them down the path..

Earlier in the dream at a point of which I can't remember, Leslie appeared in my dream while I was working at a bookstore. I remember her asking me for recommendations of books and toys for a small child while I was trying to figure out the same thing for myself, staring at the shelves and wall hanging items.


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