Skydiving with Pop

Dreaming as usual, but not much worth writing down. But last night's dream was (mostly) fun.

Night 4/10/18 (first off, I slept for 12 hours.. so lots-o-dreaming!)

I knew that I had been on adventure with Pop. At the point that I remembered this, I was falling through the sky with Pop. We were skydiving as part of our fun. A King Kong type character appeared and was trying to pluck us from the air. We started screaming and were trying to "swim" out of the way. Luckily for our safety from King Kong, we fell right into a dense forest. But, we managed to hit every tree branch on the way down.. By the time we finally hit the ground, I had managed to lose the parachute and most of my clothing. Embarrassed, I was trying to figure out what to do, as there was a campsite full of people nearby. Pop had just decided that it was time to go and was off to his car. Then, I really panicked. So, I ran through the campsite, trying to cover myself unsuccessfully, and happened into my old co-workers Ryan and Bennett. They seem unfazed by my nudity, just happy to see me and talk — which was nice, but I was still trying to catch up with Pop. I was now sprinting out of the forest and down the side of the small highway. I caught up with Pop, but he didn't seem to notice anything wrong or that I was really in need of help, so he just kept going. Feeling defeated, tired, and still.. vulnerable.. I trudged back to the campsite.

The next dream I remember was being at Wendy and Susie's place. The house was a typical, colonial style home you would find in the northeast. Everything was painted white or pale yellow, with a second story and narrow hallways. I was at the house with Susie when Wendy came home with a friend and her daughter. They decided that we should all go out for a ladies night on the town. We were all in the upstairs bathroom. The four of them were standing in the white bathtub with the yellow curtain drawn back. Everyone was dressed rather conservatively for going out, and they handed me a matronly dress to match. I looked it overly sourly, but decided to just get over it.. Some time later, I think that we did go out, but now we were at the large, run-down grocery store doing our usual shopping (I was really disappointed this morning when I woke up, not having the toilet paper that I had bought!)

Then, I was away in a little beach town (felt more like a house up north too). I thought that I was going to Sean's dad's house (but they have since sold it and moved). Forgetting that it was no longer theirs, I just let myself in and was looking around for something. It was a ski lodge sort of style home, dark wood, odd layout, tall, single-paned windows. I walked down the dark wood stairs into the master bedroom. When I saw a middle-aged, curly haired woman standing there I suddenly remembered that someone else lived there. She was a little taken aback, but not upset. I explained that I forgot that they had recently bought the house. I stayed for awhile longer and met her husband and teenage kids, but then excused myself. For some reason, that evening, I walked back into the house again. As if I had completely forgotten that all of this had happened. I walked down the stairs again, but this time the couple who owned the house were both sleeping. As soon as I realized this, the father woke up. I quickly threw myself under a pile of blankets in an attempt to hide. He wasn't exactly looking for me, but he found me right away. Somehow, they were still very nice and understanding.

And I believe that's about all of it!


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