Night of 3/13/18

Erika and Pop showed up in the beginning. Nothing much I remember there. Then I was with Mekayla. We were on a trip and her parents wanted to join us (another dream where I'm with Mekayla, looking down upon an imagined map) . Which may have led to the next part where I was at a summer camp. First we were shopping around a dismal grocery store. Then, we were all swimming out in the ocean, maybe around 8 of us. Two of the people were Tonya and Ava. Seemed like there was an element of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" with gas and bubbles, where it started to become a panic situation. The sea began to get tumultuous, and we were beside a thin vertical wall of water. Suddenly, Ava and I got thrown by the current through the vertical waterwall. We washed up in the middle of a busy intersection, a bustling city ahead of us. Ava and I quickly got out of harm's way. With no visible entryway back to the dimension that we had been in, we decided to make our way into the city. It's dark, industrial. Wandering through different apartment buildings and winding staircases, we meet and make friends with a young woman. We follow her around, looking for answers. This world is unfriendly and strange. After what seems to be a few hours, she grows tired of us and tries to lose us. Ava and I continue to search for how to get back as our friends and family also frantically try to understand how to retrieve us.

From last week.. (almost forgotten)

All of my dreams are vivid, but this one felt amazingly real. I was having a magical time with my best friend (Mekayla, who looked like a mix of herself and Kate Winslet in this dream), on what I imagine an English beach feels like. Everything was pastel, bright but muted, with a chill in the air. We were walking down a pier, talking. Mekayla nonchalantly mentioned that people find me ugly, completely unaware that this was an insulting remark. I felt a pang of.. betrayal perhaps? Whatever it was felt so terrible, that the wooden boards I walked upon started to crumble beneath me. As I fell into a black abyss, I screamed over and over. This woke me up.

Vanity.. =/


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