Dream: Night of 3/11/18

I found myself sweeping dirt and dead leaves from the sidewalk of a mostly abandoned, dreary strip mall. It was my new job after moving from up North to down South. That night, I drove around the parking lot in a car with Reece, my Mom, and Channing Tatum. We were on our way to a strip club to search for Channing's sister. It was a huge, dark bar, well-decorated with mostly tables, more like a restaurant set-up, where the girls just walked around. It was pretty packed out.

Later in the dream felt more like an episode of Charmed. I had two sisters, close to my age, and we all had supernatural powers. I was in-town visiting one of them at their nice, large, modern-style home. Her, her husband, and young child seemed a little stressed to have me there. I guess that I quietly stepped out. I was now on a mission. I was supposed to park near the Civic Center, but I parked near my new job instead; which was on the other side of a small, empty, German model-village. I was here for awhile, wandering. I vaguely remember winding roadways/runaways visible during my walk that go vertical and horizontal and are recurring themes in my dreamland. It was night again when I got to where I needed to be, climbing what resembled a water tower. There was a woman inside that was restrained upon a large flat metal sheet. My dream sister was here. We had to perform a procedure with an electrical current that miraculously extracted a few week old fetus from her womb and into a small, plastic, oval cartridge. I wish that I knew why; the only feeling I had about it was that this woman was evil and the child needed to be saved. Disturbing.

As I relayed this dream to someone, questioning where all these elements came from, I realized that watching "Earth Girls Are Easy" may have played a significant role in this theme xD


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