African Explorers

Who knows when exactly, I found myself in a open room with earthy orange tiled floor.. on a toilet. My female friend sat on a toilet next to me. No doors. No walls. Just open toilets. This was a little awkward, but I figured we were both here for the same reason, so I should just get over it. Then, two of our guy friends showed up in this early morning setting just to chat. They seemed completely unaffected by the situation, so they hung around as I was trying to find a way to keep things discreet. Fun times.

Finally, a non-nightmare!

At some point I mentioned that in my traveling dreams, I usually find myself looking down upon a map of the world. Well, here I am again scanning the globe as I make my way to Africa. It may be that I actually started in the Grand Canyon in my whitewater rafting adventure, but I ended up in what I knew to be a river in Africa. It turned from a gorgeous, bright sky to a gorgeous, violet hued dusk as we continued down the river from a raft to what was now a steel boat/submarine. I became the size of doll that could fit in your hand. Standing on a megaphone that my mother was holding, I looked out ahead to give directions on where we should be going next. We found ourselves slowly drifting down this river that went through a hotel. Next thing I knew I was back to my normal self, seated at a table with two other people in an almost empty hotel restaurant. Somehow I knew that this hotel was in Morocco. It was built into red rock terrain. The restaurant was open, since half of it was built into the rock. Our table and seating was red rock. The lighting was dim and soothing. I looked to my left to see Jimmy and Heather eating dinner together at a neighboring table. I looked back to tell the people that I was seated with, then I turned back to Heather and Jimmy to wave hello. They had turned into Paul and some woman that I had never seen before. We were all curious about who she was..


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