Just Nightmare After Nightmare

The type of dream that had last night was not abnormal for me, but I do believe that news of recent national events (mass shootings, etc.) and listening to podcasts about after-life theories has affected more than just my conscious brain.

Charlotte was there again, in some capacity; one of her friends was dead or dying. I was in a small sedan in the middle of the forest. The car was floating above the ground (no roads) with an ethereal glow. One of the people in the backseat was dying. An up-close image of their eyes flashed through my mind. They were bright and the image felt sharpened; I could see every microscopic line in their iris. It felt like watching the moment of death, when the soul is leaving the body.

We went into an underground home. The entrance was like a molehill with a door. It was there that we tried to figure out what to do next..

Four people are in a car again, driving fast down a highway. They get hit from behind by a semi-truck. The car keeps moving forward at the same pace, but immediately becomes engulfed by flames. I can see the person in the back left corner screaming and trying to open the car door. This is the same spot where the previous death occurred, the back left corner.

Lastly, one of Molly's students gets picked up from class. Almost immediately afterward, he is robbed and killed by the person who picked him up.

I guess this was more of a nightmare. I can't decide if my brain kept trying to reset and start a new, better dream but it couldn't, or if it was just assaulting me with awful scenario after awful scenario. As terrible as it was, it was vivid and worth recording it for that reason. Maybe tomorrow I can have a nice dream, I'll definitely be working on making that happen (since things that happen throughout the day always come up in my dreams, even this one; I was thinking about Charlotte, Molly, and someone was talking about a car that can drive through fire).


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