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Disney Dreaming

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Feb. 1st, 2018 | 12:57 pm

From 1/21/18

Here I am in my happy place with my good friend Will. We're in Disney World. At this time, we're excitedly running around the Animal Kingdom. As we pass by one of the many gift shops, we see Tammy, younger Thurston (around 8 years old), and Anton inside the store. Tammy was excited to see me. She grabbed me and pulled me along with them while quickly gabbing about everything that was going on. They rushed me towards their next ride. It was this amazing water display. It was clear, dark water but the setting was swamp-like with cypress trees and an old shack on the water. We watched as the water swelled, rising up to become it's own entity. It created shapes that rose several stories high. It was an overwhelming almost scary experience watching it move in this darkly lit environment. Beautiful.

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