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Small Children

May. 10th, 2018 | 03:21 pm

5/9 — Watching Bates Motel has definitely been affecting my dreams.. from the point at which I remember, I was on an 18th century ship at sea during a tumultuous storm. The sea was almost black and the sky a dark grey/blue. I watched from a distance at the ship I knew I was in being thrown about amongst 50 foot waves. 

I was still alive but my mother and sister had died, and I had to preserve their bodies. 


5/4 — James and Sayo decided that they were moving to Colorado, which inspired me to take a trip to see them along with Mekayla and Justin to decide if I wanted to move there too. Upon making this decision, my whole extended family began planning their trip out alongside of me. We all took a train together. It slowly drove through the streets of Philadelphia on a track that was only several feet above the ground. Soon, the train began to lift off the ground as it became a plane..

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Skydiving with Pop

Apr. 11th, 2018 | 10:20 am

Dreaming as usual, but not much worth writing down. But last night's dream was (mostly) fun.

Night 4/10/18 (first off, I slept for 12 hours.. so lots-o-dreaming!)

I knew that I had been on adventure with Pop. At the point that I remembered this, I was falling through the sky with Pop. We were skydiving as part of our fun. A King Kong type character appeared and was trying to pluck us from the air. We started screaming and were trying to "swim" out of the way. Luckily for our safety from King Kong, we fell right into a dense forest. But, we managed to hit every tree branch on the way down.. By the time we finally hit the ground, I had managed to lose the parachute and most of my clothing. Embarrassed, I was trying to figure out what to do, as there was a campsite full of people nearby. Pop had just decided that it was time to go and was off to his car. Then, I really panicked. So, I ran through the campsite, trying to cover myself unsuccessfully, and happened into my old co-workers Ryan and Bennett. They seem unfazed by my nudity, just happy to see me and talk — which was nice, but I was still trying to catch up with Pop. I was now sprinting out of the forest and down the side of the small highway. I caught up with Pop, but he didn't seem to notice anything wrong or that I was really in need of help, so he just kept going. Feeling defeated, tired, and still.. vulnerable.. I trudged back to the campsite.

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Mar. 14th, 2018 | 11:11 am

Night of 3/13/18

Erika and Pop showed up in the beginning. Nothing much I remember there. Then I was with Mekayla. We were on a trip and her parents wanted to join us (another dream where I'm with Mekayla, looking down upon an imagined map) . Which may have led to the next part where I was at a summer camp. First we were shopping around a dismal grocery store. Then, we were all swimming out in the ocean, maybe around 8 of us. Two of the people were Tonya and Ava. Seemed like there was an element of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" with gas and bubbles, where it started to become a panic situation. The sea began to get tumultuous, and we were beside a thin vertical wall of water. Suddenly, Ava and I got thrown by the current through the vertical waterwall. We washed up in the middle of a busy intersection, a bustling city ahead of us. Ava and I quickly got out of harm's way. With no visible entryway back to the dimension that we had been in, we decided to make our way into the city. It's dark, industrial. Wandering through different apartment buildings and winding staircases, we meet and make friends with a young woman. We follow her around, looking for answers. This world is unfriendly and strange. After what seems to be a few hours, she grows tired of us and tries to lose us. Ava and I continue to search for how to get back as our friends and family also frantically try to understand how to retrieve us.

From last week.. (almost forgotten)

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Mar. 12th, 2018 | 03:44 pm

Dream: Night of 3/11/18

I found myself sweeping dirt and dead leaves from the sidewalk of a mostly abandoned, dreary strip mall. It was my new job after moving from up North to down South. That night, I drove around the parking lot in a car with Reece, my Mom, and Channing Tatum. We were on our way to a strip club to search for Channing's sister. It was a huge, dark bar, well-decorated with mostly tables, more like a restaurant set-up, where the girls just walked around. It was pretty packed out.

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Mar. 12th, 2018 | 03:29 pm

Sometimes, when I don't have time to record my dreams in the morning, I write myself quick notes as a reminder. Here's some that triggered no memory whatsoever:

Night of 3/6/18

"Wood carving, Dean Bell, hide and seek, secret library, popcorn - secret big bag."

Night of 3/7/18

"Camp cult tour school, the Office Characters in Green Day bar concert. Bar in a beach town. Dragon ride video game, fuschia slide and fire. Scantily clad."


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African Explorers

Feb. 19th, 2018 | 09:52 am

Who knows when exactly, I found myself in a open room with earthy orange tiled floor.. on a toilet. My female friend sat on a toilet next to me. No doors. No walls. Just open toilets. This was a little awkward, but I figured we were both here for the same reason, so I should just get over it. Then, two of our guy friends showed up in this early morning setting just to chat. They seemed completely unaffected by the situation, so they hung around as I was trying to find a way to keep things discreet. Fun times.

Finally, a non-nightmare!

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Just Nightmare After Nightmare

Feb. 17th, 2018 | 08:57 am

The type of dream that had last night was not abnormal for me, but I do believe that news of recent national events (mass shootings, etc.) and listening to podcasts about after-life theories has affected more than just my conscious brain.

Charlotte was there again, in some capacity; one of her friends was dead or dying. I was in a small sedan in the middle of the forest. The car was floating above the ground (no roads) with an ethereal glow. One of the people in the backseat was dying. An up-close image of their eyes flashed through my mind. They were bright and the image felt sharpened; I could see every microscopic line in their iris. It felt like watching the moment of death, when the soul is leaving the body.

We went into an underground home. The entrance was like a molehill with a door. It was there that we tried to figure out what to do next..

Four people are in a car again, driving fast down a highway. They get hit from behind by a semi-truck. The car keeps moving forward at the same pace, but immediately becomes engulfed by flames. I can see the person in the back left corner screaming and trying to open the car door. This is the same spot where the previous death occurred, the back left corner.

Lastly, one of Molly's students gets picked up from class. Almost immediately afterward, he is robbed and killed by the person who picked him up.

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The Astral, The Living, The Purgatory Planes

Feb. 1st, 2018 | 01:16 pm

From 1/27/18

Last night's dream was quite eerie.
I was brought by someone - a spirit, I believe - to an old, dank hospital. A hospital where people were in-between life and death. But not in the way that we know it; people were simultaneously existing on different planes while still existing together in this hospital. The spirit and I were floating a few feet above the floor. Slowly, walking towards us in this dismal green and white hallway, was Dakota. He was dressed in a loose hospital gown. My stomach dropped as I realized that this meant Dakota was dead. I went towards him. "Oh, Danny, I'm so sorry," I found myself saying several times as I held his arm.

Then, I woke up in the middle of the night, filled with anxiety. I felt that perhaps he did die, and this was his way of trying to tell me. I felt upset and scared (thinking about ANY spirit invading my dreams and personal space - which would not be the first time). Somehow, I fell back to sleep and dreamt further about other dimensions in which I could choose my fate. It was strange, like being in a large carpeted living room with a bunch of random people hanging around, and I would choose who got to be in my space. But that would also determine which plane of existence we would be on. Seemed like there was some fighting going on as well, some sort of mystery about who was missing. Not sure, but the whole thing was more than a little uncomfortable.

After official waking up for the day, reconsidering the dream and how I felt in my half-awake state.. I came to the conclusion that I'm really unsure what my real feelings are on this whole subject and the idea of "spirits" entering my space and dreams. I don't want to dismiss the feeling, but logic tells me I should. Who knows..

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Project Bus Heist

Feb. 1st, 2018 | 01:08 pm

From 1/24/18

At some point, I'm working with an architect firm that is botching everything up. I'll put this at the beginning since it relates to NOTHING else..
I'm in a large, open classroom with many large, white art desks. I have an assigned partner, but I have come in late. Laura Adams stayed in my place until I arrived, then left shortly after. We are all working on constructing wearable art, very Project Runway like. Before I really even have a chance to begin, I find myself experiencing some issues with my bodily functions. Joy. I sprint off to the bathroom. For some reason, I am now trying to pull small board shorts over long basketball shorts. Needless to say, it's not working out.
Sometime after emerging from the bathroom, my environment changes to a tour bus. Or perhaps I'm on a class trip. Whatever it is, there are many people here with me. I quickly come to understand that there is some sort of heist happening. I'm now holding onto the exterior rails of the bus for dear life, inching my way around the outskirts as we barrel down the highway. I'm trying to catch the perpetrator.

Unfortunately, I know exactly why I'm having such an embarrassing and stressful dream. Real life woes! Yuck.

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Disney Dreaming

Feb. 1st, 2018 | 12:57 pm

From 1/21/18

Here I am in my happy place with my good friend Will. We're in Disney World. At this time, we're excitedly running around the Animal Kingdom. As we pass by one of the many gift shops, we see Tammy, younger Thurston (around 8 years old), and Anton inside the store. Tammy was excited to see me. She grabbed me and pulled me along with them while quickly gabbing about everything that was going on. They rushed me towards their next ride. It was this amazing water display. It was clear, dark water but the setting was swamp-like with cypress trees and an old shack on the water. We watched as the water swelled, rising up to become it's own entity. It created shapes that rose several stories high. It was an overwhelming almost scary experience watching it move in this darkly lit environment. Beautiful.

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