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Washington & Lincoln

Jan. 14th, 2015 | 12:54 pm
location: home
mood: accomplished

I wish that I wrote this one down immediately. It is now two days later. But what's still fresh in my mind, I want to record. The beginning of the dream that I remember started with Abraham Lincoln. We were simply spending time together. When the next part of the dream did a segue to George Washington and his sons.. I remember being with him and his eldest son in a parking garage. Although it was modern day, they were dressed appropriately for their time. His son was around 16, they were having somewhat of a heated discussion when George walked across the desolate, underground parking garage lot and picked up a pair of large, wide khaki shorts. "They're called Prick Pants" he told his son. This was to indicate the unsavory sort of character who wears them, not the more obvious meaning.

Another strange dream that I've remembered to actually record. More have certainly happened, though some things should stay in the vault..

<3 T

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Mar. 8th, 2014 | 09:24 am
mood: confusedconfused

I remember too many of my dreams and have to little time too record them all. This one, however non-interesting it may be to anyone else, was so long and intricate that I don't want to forget it..

Part I
I suppose it must have been a continuation from the reality of last night, I had just finished up in the kitchen. Sunny asked me if I wanted to go watch a movie. We went to go watch it at home on TV, but ended up in a Dr.-Seussical-Alice-in-Wonderland type world that also happened to have a home-ish room, and a movie theatre. Then it became clear that we were actually on a date, I had no idea. We bounced around for a second trying to figure out what to do. Then we found what I think I remember to be a Native American man right side up in a trash bin, struggling to breathe (I think that he had a hole in his throat). We tried to resuscitate him, when a large man from his tribe came over and explained that he needed 20 lbs of air and that he could do it with his large lung capacity. But he couldn't fix it either.

Part II
I was driving Ande and Alia to school. Apparently, they had the baby a few months ago (like in real life) but they were actually still in high school. I was speeding like a mad woman trying to get them there on time and in doing so, narrowly avoided a series of accidents. All which would have been caused by me, really. It was slightly terrifying. I parked the car on the lawn and walked them in. I saw my mom pass by. Not too long after that I ran into Jordan King who told me that she saw my mom in the gym, she recognized her because her dad and my mom had apparently starting dating. (My day time hours were filled with talks about blind dates and the like, no wonder it's all I dreamed about).

Part II
Then, the disturbing part of my dream. I wish I could clearly remember who was who. It was definitely my family in my dream although I recognized none of them. And it was either my mom or stepmom who had it in for my brother and then me. It was like a movie with different takes. First she came in, stabbed my brother in the throat. He wailed around. In what I remember to be the second take, we had devised a trap for her in her room poisoning her and causing her to be stabbed in the throat as well, but she she still came through the door quietly and proceeded to stab me in the throat, where I lay on the bed, gasping. I think that this ended in a third take in which we successfully beat her, but I still got stabbed in the throat.

So..? Interpreting this.. I suppose I'm hung up on the dating nonsense and I feel I've lost my voice. Yep. Could be..

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The Norse

Jan. 15th, 2014 | 09:25 am
location: Home
mood: complacentcomplacent
music: Birds chirping outside my window

I've neglected to record a few interesting dreams recently. Men that I know inviting themselves into my house to have their own hot yoga classes in thongs was one of them. Unappreciated gifts of mini donuts on Tybee Island was another. This one last night was far more strange and lacks obvious meaning..

I fell asleep thinking about all the lands I plan to travel to. My brain kept this theme going as I slept. I met my brother and Sayo several times, between home and Texas. We ended up packing together from Savannah for a trip to Austin, somehow finding ourselves lost in an upscale restaurant. I was searching for Dakota when I spotted him at the bar, sitting between two girls eager to learn more about him. I held back, waiting for him to find me. And so he did, noticing me calmly watching. Dakota, James, Sayo, and I sat together, Shaye joined us. We discussed the trip now of Sayo and James staying in Austin, while Shaye and I traveled on to El Salvador. Shaye and I had the whole thing planned out, only we never actually mentioned it to Mom. On our journey, was when we finally did run into something out of the ordinary. We came upon a marina full of old narrow, norse ships. There were plenty of people loading them up in a hurry, preparing for a swift voyage. That's when we noticed a small crew holding a person strapped to a medical board, dragging her thru the water. As they tried to quietly load her onto the ship, we saw blood coming from her mouth. We watched from a pier some 20 feet above. They saw us and begged for our help. We brought her back up and into an old hotel. When we took her off the board we could see was just a young girl in much pain. We took her to the dim light of the sconce in the pink bathroom, looking in her mouth to see the worse abscess under her tongue. It was so large it was shaped as her mouth and she could push it around, forward for us to better see while she cried. I can't remember what we did to try to relieve the pain and swelling as we learned that she was being snuck onto the ship to go find a doctor. So, we helped load her onto the ship..

And I believe that was the end.. somewhere in-between it seemed there was a carnival too :)


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Few and Far Between

Sep. 9th, 2013 | 11:21 am
mood: discontentdiscontent

Driving dreams. Does it happen to you where you have those dreams that you're driving at a steadily increasing incline, until the road in front of you just becomes a 90 degree angle? All you can feel is the weight of the car pulling you down as you try to drive forward. I suppose that it doesn't take a psychologist to figure out what that means. This was the first dream. There was a car full of us on an unknown road, driving upwards. We came upon a road block, but upon hitting it we teleported thru to the other side. For one short moment we thought we had done it. Until we realized that there was another wall some 50 yards away with an electric fence. People we wandering around within the pen aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do. The electric fence wall began moving closer at rapid speeds, but paced like a game of "red light, green light." We drove back thru, and not soon after we did, the fence came barreling towards the wall behind us. Crushing and electrocuting all of those poor souls who remained within the pen.

Only two nights later, I have another driving dream. In the evening, I'm driving around an elementary school campus with Carrie and Siobhan when I see one of my past students. She excitedly runs up to the car and jumps in. We see and try to catch up with her mom, but after driving around in circles several times, we can't seem to find her. I worry that Amy will panic, not being able to find her. But suddenly, little Alex is gone and we have somehow switched to a small, kid/clown car. Siobhan is driving us all over the road, sidewalk, and into the parking lot. Carrie anxiously is telling me to ask Siobhan to stop or slow down, then I panic and start yelling. We stop by my parked car where I see it is jacked up and all of the wheels have been stolen. The reality of the cost of new tires hits me immediately and I run towards a tow truck that I see loading the tires. They explain that the tires have been recalled and if I want new ones, they're not giving them to me - I have to purchase brand new ones. Fabulous. Then, I am stuck in a dilapidated old building with yellow walls and brown ooze running down the sides. Dirty mattresses on cold, concrete floors. Dim, flickering lights. That's how it ends.

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Movie Dream - too much to simply go back to sleep

Dec. 24th, 2012 | 04:40 am

Mostly, it took place during the evening in my mind. It was a sad love story of a, closeted, polygamous, gay man.

He was among high society, a professor I believe, who lived amid his unyielding collection of books. The first man in the story was his assistant, who tirelessly climbed through the gridded ladder maze, organizing his books. Our character, played by Geoffrey Rush and so I'll call him, took a fancy to the assistant, Aidan Quinn. When he felt like it, Geoffrey would chase Aidan through the twisting maze until he caught him. In his life outside his library lair, Geoffrey secretly courted two fellows. He planned to run away with one that he would meet outside of an old house. One of the two and Geoffrey devised a plot to run away. They were going to have help from a group of young, rebellious, types who would meet at this same house in the twilight. They would lay on the sidewalk in front of the house, waiting to levitate and fly. Geoffrey met the young man at the house, as he lay on the sidewalk, giggling at twilight. Surrounded by those now familiar faces, also laughing with stomachs filled with liquor. And "they flew", they took off into the night, down into the drainage sewer tunnels. Down to the swimming hole. After some time of laughter, mirth, and bathing in the artificial underground light, they crawled out and off to their homes. Aidan was, knowing where Geoffrey had been and who with, moving quickly through the library, he called out behind him with a wavering voice, "You plan to run away with him? We could be together, you and I." Geoffrey quickly followed, trying to explain away his actions if only to get a moment on console from Aidan. But Aidan continued around the library until he reached the gridded ladder once again. By this point Geoffrey was practically running to catch Aidan, although now they each moved far slower, climbing down the grid. This went on for what seemed like hours, Geoffrey calling to an Aidan who mind was closed off to all of his attempts. Knowing the ground was still years away, a sudden thought occurred to Aidan. He simply stopped climbing. He let go the ladder bars. He fell. He fell like a lead balloon down a pipe. Geoffrey dropped as well. Aidan's eyes widened as the gravity of his decision hit him. Not a moment later the gridded ladder had flew up and away as he continued to fall down. He hit like a rubber ball, without noise, and strange grace as his lifeless body sailed upwards. Geoffrey clutched the end of the ladder. He had known how soon to catch himself before the end. His heavy heart in his chest looked down upon Aidan, knowing he had caused this... Sometime later... The familiar late night friends were again at their favorite underground swimming hole. One woman, dressed to the nine, found something draped across her antique feathered hat and face. She slowly peeled it off. Skin. She screamed. Everyone looked upon her and then eyes moved to the right. There in the large door frame of the tunnel, hung Aidan's remains.

Other parts:
Neighbor - In one much earlier scene, I found myself at a small farmer's market. My neighbor, Holli, was gathering her plants to sell. She sadly told me about how poor sales were. Then she went on to tell me of all the wonderful things that I could do with these vegetagles, including asparagus "popcorn". [After the initial shock of my dream wore off, I remembered this and wanted to try it].
Dance - After the first swim, I appeared in the dream. A funny black girl who had a crush on me, pulled me into the bathroom. Internally, I panicked. I stayed collected until another girl who came in wanted to dance. Apparently, I showed her some shocking moves she never knew. Somehow, this intimidated her and earned her respect.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Dec. 14th, 2012 | 11:12 am

I won't be at all descriptive in this post. I just want to remind myself that I am so close to achieving a major goal. Had a good breakthrough today which prompted me to give myself a minute to make a post - something that's just for me. The most selfish post yet! Yay!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting through the rest of my list of to-do's and get on to what I really want to do. Then, there will be many more updates to come.


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Holy Schnikes!

Dec. 12th, 2012 | 09:59 am

Whoa, May was the last post!? Craziness. I am here to record a dream.

A peach concrete ground with a refrigerator directly in the middle. Nearby are neanderthal type humans. Inside the open refrigerator are two large trashcans, one hanging above the other. The two animals encased in the cans we're chasing each other until they got into this predicament. One half of a donkey beside one half of an alligator in each can. Both cut in half but still alive, encased in goo. They try to get their pieces back together, quietly before the humans find their parts. The humans hear the donkey bray and wander over to look. Distracted they leave.. but soon wander back..

Unfortunately, I don't remember more than this. The dream then faded to living in a house with about 20 people.

In other news! I have a few new pieces that I've added to my Tarigan Facebook page. Over the course of the winter break I will update my website completely. And will try to get back on track with my posts!


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May. 18th, 2012 | 11:43 pm
mood: happyhappy

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New Work!

May. 15th, 2012 | 12:25 am

"Bette" watercolor

"Under the Sea" watercolor over ink wash

"The Highlands" watercolor over ink wash

"Denver" watercolor over inkwash

These are my favorites. Any new graphic design work can be found...

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Philadelphia Journeys

May. 15th, 2012 | 12:17 am
location: Jersey Shore
mood: hungryhungry

Since Thursday, I've ping-ponged between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore 4 times. It's been fun =) Had a great time with the family and the Red Hot Chili Peppers kicked ass, of course.

I've slept amazingly well yet had my crazy dreams, homicidal dreams again. Video rentals services and people getting sliced up in barbed wire spirals!

During our dinner in Philly, we were asked to sample shots. I downed mine instantly, while my dad and stepmom sipped theirs.. which I think was intended because the girls asked to take out picture for the website.. whoops!

Today, Dad took me to "tent city", a place where many many homeless people have setlled in the woods and put up housing. It's a bizarre mixture of traditional camping with modern day structures and broken down technological devices. And some chickens running around of course. Dad helps out here along with his friend that he introduced to it. He's designing a sustainable home that mostly fits in with the ordinances of the town (who hate "tent city"). It was an interesting commune to get a chance to see.

Tomorrow --> Savannah & lots o' work!

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